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MAY THE LAW BE WITH YOU (or what you should know about the Constitution in times when fundamentalists, madmen and thieves rule)

Script: Jan Czapliński

Direction: Aneta Groszyńska

Scenography: Tomasz Walesiak

Video: Adam Zapała

Music: Ela Orleans

Stage manager: Iwona Skiba

Photos: Tobiasz Papuczys

Cast: Filip Perkowski



We are in a crisis that has many names; one of them is the Constitution. If we are to manage to get ourselves out of it, it seems worth trying to understand it first.

We want to look at today’s constitutional crisis from the perspective of history, the social experience of the law, street protesters, and finally, from the perspective of the theater and the artists themselves.

We want to understand how, when, and why (the “why” is always most important) the various Polish constitutions came to be: the Third of May, March, April, Communist-era, and finally, the constitution that holds today, the one drafted in 1997.

We want to remind ourselves, just in case, what the Constitution really is, what its function is, and finally, what is in it. This reading may, in itself, bring us faith—and without faith, there is no overcoming a crisis.

We want to discover the Constitution for ourselves. To find a place in which the law ceases to be abstract and begins to be a living issue. Finally, we would like to point to the space where civil agency occurs, where the vivacity, validity, and urgency of the Constitution pulses strong.