Swietłana AleksijewiczBOYS IN ZINC
(org. Цинковые мальчики)

author: Swietłana Aleksijewicz
translation: Jerzy Czech

directed by: Jakub Skrzywanek

adapter by: Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak i Amadeusz Nosal

dramaturgy and video: Amadeusz Nosal

set and light design: Marcin Chlanda

costumes: Karolina Mazur

choreography: Maćko Prusak

music: Kamil Tuszyński

vocal lessons: Ewa Gądek

stage manager: Anna Solarek

cast: Karolina Krawiec, Rozalia Mierzicka / Angelika Cegielska, Irena Sierakowska, Irena Wójcik, Michał Kosela, Piotr Mokrzycki, Dariusz Skowroński, Czesław Skwarek




2015 Literature Nobel Prize Winner Svetlana Alexievich’es non fiction prose adaptation. The Soviet intervention in Afghanistan is described through a collection of first-hand accounts from veterans, nurses and mothers of young soldiers returned to then from the war in zinc coffins. It confronts feelings of hope and war enthusiasm with the feeling of nonsense. In the age of cowboys, announcing faith in force as a political solution, debuting director takes the historical war in poetic yet terrifying Afghanistan as a starting point to question war as an answer at all. He created a show that is both pacifist… and filled with music.

The show was awarded first prize for Best Directing, a Special Prize and the Audience Award for best performance and the best actor for Michał Kosela at Festival of Young Directors Confrontations m-teatr in Koszalin.