teatr w wałbrzychu teatr w wałbrzychu
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ikona ikona

Script: anonim

Direction: Jacek Jabrzyk

Photos: Tobiasz Papuczys

Cast: Mateusz Flis


PREMIERE 23.10.2020 

THE JACKPOT is the prize for which you can purchase an individual package to save yourself and your loved ones from the global catastrophe.

Dr. Jakub Szelestowski, a scientist of great renown, has unlocked a world conspiracy and is not afraid to speak out about it. This is an opportunity for you not to fall for the total manipulation that will strip you of your dignity and dehumanize you once and for all. It is a chance for all of us to save ourselves from international peril.

Keep up to date with Dr. Szelestowski’s calendar, purchase participation cards, spread the word—while you still can!

The performance was created with financial support of Covid-19 countermeasure fund.