teatr w wałbrzychu teatr w wałbrzychu
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ikona ikona

Script and direction: Michał Buszewicz

Scenography: Dorota Nawrot

Asystent scenografa: Anna Posch

Choreography: Marcela Lopez

Music: Krzysztof Chodkiewicz, Patryk Banach

Cast: Irena Sierakowska



Orpheus and Eurydice is a myth we all know. In this play by Michał Buszewicz and Irena Sierakowska, this story of a hero who travels to Hades to rescue his loved one takes a contemporary turn. Orphi in Hades uses his extraordinary abilities, his unique qualities and famed sensitivity, to again make a perfect couple with Eura. After all, they were made for each other, and she went and died for some reason. Or maybe she went away?

At any rate, it was certainly a mistake that Orphi has to fix. What has Eura got to say about it?

This play was inspired by Dino Buzzati’s comic book “Poem Strip,” and various versions of the Orpheus and Eurydice story.