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ikona ikona

Script based on IVANOV by Anton Chekhov: Małgorzata Maciejewska

Direction: Małgorzata Maciejewska

Dramaturgy and video: Maciej Jaszczyński

Music: Kamil Pater

Set design and costumes: Karolina Mazur

Photos: Tobiasz Papuczys

Cast: Piotr Mokrzycki with a special appearance of Irena Sierakowska


PREMIERE: 24.10.2020 

Don’t we all sometimes feel alienated, guilty, powerless, and helpless? Do we not all dream of (minimal) control over our lives? And are we not disappointed when it turns out that important things slip through our fingers?

Ivanov, the thirty-five-year-old protagonist of Chekhov’s play, would surely answer yes. Entering the age of his first serious crises, he never even suspected how swiftly he would lose his love, family, and interests. But isn’t depression a fundamental state in experiencing the ongoing disappointments of adulthood?

Ivanov is a play about crises, isolation, and alienation; yet, as will happen in Chekhov, it is told with grace, laughter, and a smoking rifle at the end.

The performance was created with financial support of Covid-19 countermeasure fund.