teatr w wałbrzychu teatr w wałbrzychu
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ikona ikona
Script and direction: Konrad Imiela
Music: Grzegorz Rdzak
Scenography: Anna Haudek
Kostiumy: Agata Bartos
Choreography: Jacek Gębura
Lights: Jakub Frączek
Vocal preparation: Magdalena Śniadecka
Stage manager: Iwona Skiba
Poster: Jakub Woynarowski
Cast: Angelika Cegielska, Dorota Furmaniuk, Agnieszka Kwietniewska [g], Małgorzata Walenda [g], Irena Wójcik, Kinga Zygmunt [g], Mateusz Flis, Michał Kosela, Rafał Kosowski, Wojciech Marek Kozak, Radosław Lis [g], Piotr Mokrzycki, Krzysztof Piechniczek [g]
Live music: Dominika Czausz – flute, Malwina Maławy – cello, Łukasz Piotrowicz – bassoon
Photos: Tobiasz Papuczys


Wałbrzych’s first musical—that sounds quite impressive. Wałbrzych’s first? We might ponder if in the brief yet tempestuous history of our theater there was ever a piece that could have claimed this title before. Our stage has doubtless seen its share of plays with music, but an outright musical? And on top of that, a work entirely about Wałbrzych, about a local protagonist? Just ask in Teatralny Square if they knew who Princess Daisy was, and you’ll hear as many facts as rumors. Is that not real fame? A true need for a great story that slumbers in all of us? So our time has come: Wałbrzych has its own musical, about us and for us, but also for the entire country, for which Wałbrzych and the Dramatyczny Theater are always waiting to be rediscovered. A Wałbrzych musical, made by local talents. But also a musical on a world standard, incorporating artists from almost the whole country.
This musical about Daisy is about a great person and the tides of history which affected her remarkable life. It is also about suffering and hope, but above all it is about a world to which there is no return. The aristocracy, balls, and travel by lounge car are distant echoes of a bygone world—we look at them with jealousy, but also often with a sense of superiority. Yet in that world humanist values were nurtured—mercy, gratitude, sympathy—all of which are sorely missed today. Princess Daisy, through all her travails, represents goodness. That was her super power, and it is the kind of hero we need today.

ATTENTION! The play uses strobe lights and tobacco smoke.

This play is a co-production with the City of Wałbrzych and Książ Castle.