teatr w wałbrzychu teatr w wałbrzychu
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Tekst: pilgrim / majewski
Reżyseria: Seb Majewski
Znaki: Jakub Woynarowski
Przestrzeń i kostiumy: Jakub Fidler
Muzyka: Einstürzende Neubauten
Inspicjentka: Anna Solarek
Zdjęcia: Tobiasz Papuczys
Obsada: Dorota Furmaniuk, Agnieszka Kwietniewska [g], Janka Woźnicka [g], Wojciech Świeściak

PREMIERE: 25.06.2021 / SK / Wałbrzych
7.09.2021 / Piekarnia / Wrocław

Theater is the art that ages most swiftly. This sentence is easy to prove. Just watch any play from five years ago. But we don’t recommend it.
Theater actors are forgotten more swiftly than the plays in which they performed. Want an example? Here you are: Who played Africa and Europe in “In Desert and Wilderness” directed by Bartek Frąckowiak? Come on, who? Ewelina Żak and Agnieszka Kwietniewska.
Yes indeed, there were such actors. And where are they today? No doubt in the great imaginarium of the theater.
And where is that outstanding actor Iga Mayr? What kind of surname is Mayr? I don’t know. I can’t say. I don’t understand.
This is why we would like to recall Iga Mayr, to present and understand her. To tell the story of a woman and an actor.
But steady now. We swear we are not about to embark on some self-absorbed theatrical masturbation. Oh, no. We dream of experiencing one another, our lives, memories, dates, places, people. We swear this will not be a psychodrama. Oh, no.
It will simply be an invitation.

“A LIFE. Part One: A Crumbling Biography” bookends a previous play, “CHARACTER OF THE DAY”, produced at the Polski Theater in the Underground in Wrocław in 2018 and telling the story of Iga Mayr’s greatest friend, Igor Przegrodzki. It was then that Igor stood up for Iga.